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Why work with a financial planner?

You're an intelligent person, and you've accomplished a lot without a financial advisor. Why start now? 

We find that people who ask themselves this question are competent in many areas, and they're particularly self-aware about one fact: They have limited time and energy, and they would rather not spend it on researching every possible financial option to make the best decisions for their families.

Recommended reading: How to Choose a Financial Planner (Wall Street Journal) 

The team at Clear Perspectives are your financial experts. We have years of experience in managing personal investments, reducing taxes, helping make a satisfying transition from work to retirement, finding good deals on disability insurance, and many other areas of your financial life. Your family's best interests are our top priority.

When you choose Clear Perspectives, you:

  • Meet with a pair of fiduciary advisors, a woman and a man.
  • Share your story and concerns in a supportive environment.
  • Understand how the future may unfold based on your choices today.
  • Receive high-quality, low-cost investment management based on data. 
  • Pay minimized taxes.
  • Feel assured that your wishes will be honored when you pass on. 
  • Get clear next steps and partners for completing your financial plan.

Many of our advisors have had careers at Procter & Gamble, and we have a special understanding of how to make the most of your retirement benefits from P&G and other major corporations.

Call us at 513-469-8400 to talk to us about your needs. We are here to listen and help; we'll never try to sell you something. As a bonus, your first meeting with us is free.