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P&G Employees

Procter & Gamble building photo by AL BEHRMAN/ASSOCIATED PRESS

As former Procter & Gamble employees ourselves, our goal is to help you maximize your benefits now and when you leave the company. We can analyze your stock options, PST withdrawal (see below), and other company benefits to help you get the most out of your years of work.

Save on taxes and maximize your PST benefits

Many people leaving P&G end up paying more taxes on their PST than they need to. Luckily, you can do better.

We typically recommend a lesser-known option called net unrealized appreciation (NUA). It's unique to retirement plans like P&G’s that give company stock to their employees. The IRS rules make proper execution a bit complicated, so please get professional help from a financial advisor or CPA with plenty of experience executing NUA.

Tell your friends and family at P&G that this tax-saving measure is available to them, and give us a call with questions: 513-469-8400. We will meet or talk with you at no charge to help you determine if NUA makes sense for you.