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Our clients receive an easy-to-read summary of what's happening in the market each quarter. Enjoy some recent quarterly letters below.

  • 2017 year-end - Big year in the stock market, key changes in the new tax bill, breaking down blockchain technology.
  • 2017 October - What to do about the Equifax breach, how to use the client portal, meal kit reviews.
  • 2017 July - Fuel-efficient cars to fit your lifestyle, cyber security on your vacation.
  • 2017 April - Signs it might be time to refinance your student loans, what to expect with the U.S. debt ceiling.
  • 2016 year-end - Recap of an eventful year, economic forecast, international vs. U.S. equities performance, you work with a fiduciary.

Contact Carol or Kate with questions about the newsletter.